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PE-Design® 8.0
Inspire your creativity with a whole new world of embroidery! With PE-Design PE-Design® 8 software creating unique embroidery projects is easier than ever. PE-Design® 8 lets you turn just about any image into a stitch file, edit your designs for nearly unlimited flexibility, enhance designs with your own unique fill stitches and create embroidery fonts. Create multimedia art with the new Print and Stitch™ function, a unique embellishment tool that combines embroidery with printed backgrounds. The built-in auto digitizing function converts artwork to embroidery. It also has a comprehensive database cataloging system so you can quickly and effortlessly retrieve designs whenever you need them.
New Features for 8.0
  • Easy to Import Designs
  • More Than 500 Built-in Sample Files (.pes)
  • Ability to Combine Image and Embroidery
  • Text Layout on the Arc
  • Use True Type Fonts as Templates
  • Create Punch Data Automatically from True Type Fonts
  • Edit Multi-byte Characters
  • Sepia and Gray tones in Photo Stitch™
  • Photo Stitch™ Image Size and Position can be Changed with a Wizard
  • Sepia and Gray Mode in Cross Stitch
  • Cross Stitch & Back Stitch Editing
  • Specify Sewing Attributes
  • Motif Stitch can be set to Stippling
  • Merge in the Editing Mode
  • Remove Overlaps
  • Run Multiple Layout and Editing Windows
  • Free Hand Tool
  • Divide Stitch Data by Thread Color
  • Realistic Stitch Preview
  • Ruler & Center Marker
Contents Include:
  • USB Card Writer Box
  • CD-Rom
  • 4MB Blank Memory Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • Template
Minimum PC Requirements
Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer
Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
Memory: 128MB (1GB or more is recommended)
Hard disk free space: 200MB
Monitor: XGA (1024 x 768), 16-bit color or higher
Port: 1 available USB
CD-ROM drive: Required for installation
Brother have Driver updates for Compatable Operating Systems at